Meet Milo/Paxton


(Milo) Just throw, don’t take


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Bad Habit:

Milo can get a little excited to see people and then puts all his weight on them to make them stay because he loves them so much. Paxton attacks ankles.

Special Talent:

Milo is amazing at fetch and can catch anything on one bound. Paxton is very fast and climbs his condo with grace.

Submitted by: Katherine Hazen, JD, PhD


Milo moved from LA to Nebraska while I was in graduate school to stay with his Auntie and Uncle who had more space to play and run than his mom (my sister). He just loved it so much he had to stay (for 7 more years). Milo is an exceptionally well-traveled dog - having driven from coast to coast at least twice and spent two weeks living with a truck driver. He loves a good road trip. We adopted Paxton in November 2020 and he is living easy.