Maverick, Bella, and Joey

Meet Maverick, Bella, and Joey


They’re the three best friends anyone could have and are currently mad mom doesn’t work from home anymore.


Maverick is a min pin mix, Bella is a pit bull, Joey is a lab rat

Bad Habit:

Maverick growls at his sister when eating, Bella chews up toilet paper when unattended, and Joey chews his cage making this god awful sound if you don’t feed him quick enough!

Special Talent:

All three of them can sleep through anything!

Submitted by: Dr. Emily Pica


Maverick was my first dog ever, I rescued him from an overbreeder, he was covered in fleas and ticks when I got him. I rescued Bella from a pit bull fighter as a puppy, she’s the only living dog from that litter. Joey escaped our rat lab and when he was found I couldn’t let them “take him to the farm” so he became part of the family!