Lily and Liam

Meet Lily and Liam


Any time is Food Time.


Domestic shorthair cats

Bad Habit:

Lily: eating so fast she vomits. Liam: eating Lily’s vomit

Special Talent:

Lily: boops my nose with her paw when she wants to have her face pet. Liam: feels moved by music and will sit on me if I’m listening to a sad song to make sure I’m OK

Submitted by: Cait Cavanagh, Assistant Professor, Michigan State University


Lily (blue eyes) and Liam (green eyes) are brother/sister littermates– even though they don’t look very similar! They are pair bonded, which means they love to cuddle and hate being separated. I adopted them as a grad student, so from the beginning they have ben excellent helpers when I analyze data or write.