Honey & Bear

Meet Honey & Bear


Drool is cool!


Olde English Bulldog

Bad Habit:

Snore like a freight train

Special Talent:

Stinkiest toots in the world

Submitted by: Pia Pennekamp, PhD student (Queen Margaret University)


Honey and Bear are related, but polar opposites. Honey is the bees knees (it is no surprise her nickname is sweet cheeks). Bear is a teddy but can be a bit grizzly. Nevertheless, we could not bear to be without him. He is our self-appointed guard dog and somehow managed to get the nickname “big boobs”. Honey & Bear are best buds. They love to wrestle outside and bite each other’s wrinkles off. Fighting one bulldog stereotype at a time, Honey & Bear love to hike and have recently picked up agility training. When this choir is asleep, the harmonious snores fill our household like a beautiful symphony.