Meet Doug


“Excuse me, everyone, but I am very hungry, please help” - my fiance’s impersonation of what Doug’s best man speech will be


He’s a mixture of Australian cattle dog, Anatolian shepherd, great Pyrenees, and a few others (thanks doggy DNA test!)

Bad Habit:

begging for food, barking at elderly people on their morning walks, doing a terrible job at herding sheep

Special Talent:

being hungry 24/7, getting the zoomies, being enormous

Submitted by: Haley Potts, M.A., psych/law graduate student at the University of Alabama


Doug was abandoned at a sheep farm because he was bad at herding sheep. This makes a lot of sense to us, because his personality is not very assertive. He is very sweet, mild-mannered, food motivated, and spoiled rotten.