Meet Chuleta


At home, Chuleta is the “alpha” and I think she believes I’m her pet. She’s really nervous in public and a vet once told me that I must be “her person” and that she can “be her [alpha] self” around me!


Florida Brown Dog [breeds unknown]

Bad Habit:

Barking when not given [enough] attention (e.g., when I’m on the phone or in a Zoom)

Special Talent:

The ability to become more energetic as she ages!

Submitted by: Emily Gottfried, PhD; Medical University of South Carolina


Chuleta was adopted from a “kill shelter” in Chipley, Florida when I was a grad student at Florida State in 2009. She was a tiny puppy and we had no idea what breed she was or how big she would get. Since her time in Tallahassee, she has moved across the country with me: FL to CA to GA to SC and has been a great travel companion, hiking partner, and all around best friend!!